I did not come this far to only come this far

If you’re like me, you’ve done the work.

My work included coaching programs, self help books, workshops, personal development, retreats, trainings, weekly challenges, astrological charts, enneagram, numerology, and tarot card readings - just to name a few!

Every step helped me grow or heal a facet of myself but I never felt like they came together to help me feel whole - to have the confidence to be seen and heard my truest self out loud, or even understand who that really was.

When I closed my eyes, I imagined a version of myself who celebrated her strengths, nurtured her weaknesses, and never apologized for who she was. I just didn’t have a clear path or map on how to get there.

Then I found the thread that tied everything together. Discovering my Personal Alchemy and learning that I didn’t have to change who I was to get what I wanted. Instead, I had to embrace who I was and do thing my way - supporting my core values and priorities. That knowledge became a map that guided me to a Scenic Route Life that is uniquely mine.

I uncovered the gap of where I was are versus my most aligned self using the 5 elements. Understanding my dominant element, helped me understand my priorities, my values, my relationship to myself and became one of the strongest "divining rods" I have ever experienced. My head finally had the evidence it needed to stop doubting and fighting my intuition.

Taking the scenic route might take a little longer to get where I want to go, but I"ll still get there while enjoying the view.

If you would like to discover your Personal Alchemy so you can realize your dreams and feel good about having it all, click here!



Hi, I’m Katrein,

Chief Experience Officer at ScenicRouteLife.ca

Here's a little about me in no particular order:

  • Human Sparkler, Torch Diva, Woo-Woo, Arty-Farty, Fancy Pants

  • Fire Dominant, Water Secondary, Metal Tertiary, (Earth and Wood battle over 4th and 5th place)

  • will spontaneously break into song, or quote an obscure movie word-for-word, to illustrate a life lesson.

  • big hair with a laugh to match it

  • Canadian (which means I can easily polite you to death)

  • mother to one 9 year old tornado

  • wife to the silliest & most patient man


Professional Credentials:

  • Master Certified Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method

  • 5 Elements Personal Alchemy Facilitator

  • Voice Coach and Professional Torch Singer (a blend of classic vocal jazz, blues, swing, Latin, & French songs)

  • 15 years experience coaching singers and speakers to feel confident, strengthen their voice, and love the stage.

  • Performed at the Halifax Jazz Festival, and various venues throughout Canada, United States, & the UK. Featured on CBC Radio Atlantic Airways. Recorded 5 CD’s with different ensembles including two solo recordings of originals and jazz standards: Schveltism & Hopeful Romantic